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National Railway Museum3

Kenya Railways represents the historical growth of this country and Nairobi Railway Museum narrate the tale of this country’s evolvement; indeed it is the rail that developed Kenya to the country it is now!

 ” It is not uncommon for a country to create a railway, but is uncommon tor a railway to create a country. “

These were the words uttered by a senior British administrator. Sir Charles Elliot in 1903.

Museum Origin

The Nairobi Railway Museum was opened in 1971, and much of the credit for its foundation goes to its first Curator, Mr. Fred Jordan, who had been with the railways in East Africa as from 1927. Realising the speed at which changes were taking place on the railway system he saw the need to preserve as many links with the past as possible. He began to gather items which were to form the nucleus of the present day museum’s fascinating and growing collection.

Nairobi Railway Museum is owned by Kenya Railways and is the only Railway Museum in East and Central Africa.

Layout of the museum

Nairobi Railway museum consists of four sections :

  1. The Main Gallery (collection of smaller items)
  2. The museum Resource Center (library and photographic section)
  3. The auditorium
  4. Outdoor collection of locomotives, coaches and wagons