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30th May 1896: Beginning of construction of Uganda Railways.

1899:  Rail head reach Nyrobi, name later changed to Nairobi.

1900: The line reached Nakuru

19th Dec 1901:  Rail line completed and reached Port Florence now named Kisumu.

1915:  Completion of Konza to Magadi line.

1920:   Voi to Taveta line completed

1924:  The line reached “64” (Now Eldoret)

 26th Feb   1926:   Name Uganda Railway changed to Kenya and Uganda Railways

 27th Dec 1927:   Became Kenya and Uganda railways and harbours.

12th Aug 1929: Present Headquarters Building opened.

1930: Nairobi to Nanyuki line completed.

14th Jan 1931:   Jinja Kampala line opened connecting through to Mombasa.

1932:  Kisumu to Butere line completed.

 1st May 1948:  Became East Africa Railways and Harbours

 1950:   Nairobi made city.

 1st June 1969:  East Africa Railways Corporation established.

1977:   End of East Africa Railway Corporation Administration.

20th Jan 1978:  Present Kenya Railway Corporation was formed through an Act of Parliament.

1st Nov 2006:   Kenya Railways goods and passenger services conceded to Rift Valley Railways.

One end wall displays various company crests, which themselves trace the history of the railways in East Africa: the Uganda Railway, 1896; Tanganyika Railways, 1919; Kenya and Uganda Railway, 1926; East Africa Railways, 1969 and the most recent, Kenya Railways, 1978.